General Cargador SSL Settings
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All Сargador SSL options are set in cargador[.win | linux].conf configuration file. The configuration file has XML format.


You can get full description of the configuration file by executing following command in terminal:

cargador --describe_xml_conf cargador

All generic settings are placed in /structure.

Those settings define the defaults for all particular connections.

You have to specify two mandatory parameters: certificate and its private key.

        <certFile type="string"> - open part of the certificate in PEM format
        <certPrivateKey type="string"> - certificate key in PEM format
        <privateKeyPsswd type="string"> - key password
        <mode type="string"> common operating modes.
            String of the type <key1=value1>[; <key2>=<value2>]
            method=[disable, ssl23 (*), tls1, ssl2, ssl3] - specifies the SSL protocol
            enable = [off, preferred (*), always] - switch off, preferred, always

        <verifyCA type="bool"> - require a CA-signed interlocutor certificate
        <caCertFile type="string"> - CA certificate file
        <verboseInfo type="bool"> - diagnose SSL
        <libraryCrypto type="string"> - crypto library path
        <librarySSL type="string"> - ssl library path


We noticed bugs with SSL.v2 in OpenSSL 0.9.8, 1.0.1, 1.0.1. Therefore, we recommend using SSL v.3 or TLS instead.

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