Registering a File Storage
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In order to enable Cerebro client applications to detect server-based Cargador instances correctly and provide users with an opportunity to access files remotely (from outside the LAN), it is necessary to register network file storages with the Cerebro database.

Go to the File Storages tab in the Administrator panel (Main menu/Tools/Administrator…).

Create a new entry, specify its name - to distinguish between several storages, basically, IP address or DNS name - for external/remote users to connect. Then specify the name or LAN address of the server in the LAN host field. As for default ports, usually there is no need to change them, unless you changed them in the Cargador settings (you can check the ports availability by pressing the Test buttons next to the corresponding fields).

Now your remote users can use this Cargador to search and download any file from the storage.

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