Allocating File Storages to Projects
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Having registered the file storage, you gave access to remote/external users for file downloading. In order to get the external users’ files uploaded to your server’s catalogue, please, do the following step.

Go to the Administrator panel, select your storage from the list on the File Storages tab, and click the Projects on file storage tab. Use “<<” и “>>” buttons to add/remove projects to/from the list of projects to be stored on this storage (the left-hand part of the window).

When a file is added to the project forum by a remote/external user, Cerebro uploads it to the corresponding (allocated) network storage.

Cerebro client applications connected to a server-based Cargador do not forward files to users’ local workstations. This means that users should download files on demand, manually, when they need a local copy of a file.


Each project must have at least one allocated network storage, otherwise remote users would have no place to upload files. That’s why Cerebro prevents you from detaching the last storage from a project.

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