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Publishing A Report
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Once work on the graphical file is complete, you can make a report and publish the current version. By default, the message will be published in the task you have accepted.

Every time you send the current file from the graphics software to Cerebro, the report creation window is displayed.

Possible options:

  • The main menu Cerebro/Save as version or the Save as New Version button in the list of tasks (browser) – a new version is added to the list of files, the main version remains unchanged. In this case, the button in the report window is labelled Report, not Publish.

  • The main menu Cerebro/Publish or the Publish button in the list of tasks (browser) – a new version is added to the list of files and the main version is updated.

In both cases mentioned above, if you clicked inside the Todo list window, then the file will be sent to the current task in the window. If you clicked inside the menu, then the file will be sent to the source task.

At the top of the report window, you can see the name and Cerebro path to the task where you will send the message, as well as a button to choose another task (using the project browser).


Tentaculo for Adobe Systems products slightly differs in this respect: you can not choose a task in the report window, however, you can change the filename. Also, the file will be published in Cerebro as an attachment, not a link.

On the left side of the window, you can find the thumbnail corresponding to the file you send and the version name.

By default, an image from the active window of the graphical application will be captured as a thumbnail for the report. If you want to change it, then adjust the scene image in the application window and then click the Refresh button on the thumbnail in the report window.

In addition, you can add one or more screenshots to the report using the Screenshot button. When you click it, a tool appears to select the area of the screen, the image of which will be added as a file attachment.

On the right side of the window, you can find tools for writing the text of the report, selecting a new status for the task and setting the hours worked. These parameters, as well as the link to the file of the version, define the report which will be published in the Cerebro forum (see the section “Forum”).

In addition to screenshots, you can use the As link, As attachment buttons to add an arbitrary file to the message as an attachment or link, respectively.

If you want to overwrite the latest version of the file instead of creating a new version when publishing the report, enable the Save to current version flag before sending it to Cerebro.

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