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The Forum window displays the message board related to the selected task in the Navigator. Usually, the system immediately creates the first message for each new task (Definition).

Other participants of the project can immediately see the posted message in their Cerebro client module and the attached files get sent to the file storage associated with the project, becoming available for download and viewing by other users at this location.

If you have rights to write in the Forum tab, you can write a certain message and attach one or several files to it (if there are supported media formats, their thumbnails will be displayed in the message). This message may, for example, be a progress report. Its creation will require very few actions and will take only a few minutes.


There is a toolbar at the top of the Forum window:

This toolbar contains thumbnail controls that act like the Navigator toolbar thumbnail controls: a thumbnail toggle button and a thumbnail size slider. Also, there are:

  • Reply button for posting in a forum. It is used to create a message of the following types: definition, review, report, note, client review and resource report. By default, the first message in a Forum is always a Definition, and the next message type is Review, but it can be changed by a user;

  • Record screen button allows a user to show his screen and comment his actions, then the file is saved in the Forum and available for other users;

  • Drop-down list that shows the current status of the task and is used to change it;

  • The Start work button is used to move the current task into In progress status and start the timer on it as well. The person who started work on the task will be visible in User Tracking;

  • Message order toggle in chronological order or by dependencies between tasks;

  • Message filter is active/inactive a user can choose a certain message type to be displayed or show all message types;

  • Font size control buttons;

  • Shrink all messages and Expand all messages buttons to collapse/expand all forum posts at once.

Context menu

Using the context menu, you can access all commands for editing/deleting messages, as well as some additional commands.

Copy URL is used to place a link to a task on the clipboard. Sending it to a colleague will open the task in their application.

Sent message window

  • Show for clients button makes the message visible/unvisible for clients, duplicates the menu item;

  • the Files button shows how many files are attached to the message;

  • the Clock button shows how much time the performer specified in the report and how much the supervisor confirmed if this time is different;

  • buttons Rating, Like, Dislike — based on likes and report ratings, the rating of users is calculated. Any user can put Like or Dislike, but rating can be put only by users with a special right;

  • Translate button — built-in ability to translate the message to the language you choose.

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