Sometimes you may need to access some parts of a project beyond the list of the assigned tasks, for example, if these parts contain files necessary for your work. For these aims, there is the second tab in the list of tasks window containing the project browser.

In this window, on the left side, the project tree is displayed which is similar to the one in the Cerebro navigator (see the section “Navigator”). Using the tree, you can access any available project/task. Selected tasks and the scope of functions upon a task are displayed in the way similar to the Todo list window except for the Link/Embed mode (see the section “The browser in the Link/Embed mode”).


If you start working on a file from one task, you can publish it in another task after processing. Thus, for example, you can take the result of another executor’s work as the source file for your task.

Above the project tree, there is a search field to look for a task by a keyword. If you start entering the task name, the list of tasks will be filtered by the presence of the entered substring in the task names.

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