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A review of a media file in Mirada is a set of comments. Each comment can contain a text message, sketches or a voice track, as well as a message feed with responses to this comment left by other users.

When the application starts, Cerebro provides information about the current user, thus allowing to leave comments in Mirada on behalf of the corresponding account in Cerebro.

The list of comments is displayed on the Comments tab on the right-hand side of the Mirada window. Each comment is linked to a frame of a media file, and this frame contains a label with the number of this comment.

The comment card consists of a header, a middle block for sketches or a voice track, and a bottom part for the comment text and responses. When you hover the cursor over the middle block, the Delete button appears, which deletes the contents of the block from the comment.

There are four types of comments that depend on the contents of the middle block:

  • text comment which contains only a text message, and its middle block is empty;

  • comment with a sketch which contains a middle block with a single graphic sketch, created with the help of drawing tools;

  • video comment which contains a middle block with a voice track and commentator’s actions;

  • onion comment which contains a middle block with an animated sequence of sketches, created in the onion-skin mode.

To create a simple text comment, just input the text in the new comment field at the top of the Comments window and then click the Post button.

As a result, a new comment will appear in the list, its label will be displayed in the preview window in the upper right corner, and there will also be a label next to the corresponding frame on the timeline.

A middle block can be added using the buttons in the comment header (only if such block is currently missing). Therefore, for example, if you want to add a voice track instead of sketches in your comment, you should first delete the sketches and then start recording the track.

To delete the comment itself, use the button at the bottom (the button appears when you hover over it), where the comment text and, perhaps, the responses are located.

Generally, there may be several comments linked to the same frame, and there is no limit to their total number. The viewer displays only one active comment which is selected in the list. Sketches of inactive comments from the same frame are not visible, shaded labels with numbers are displayed in their place, and you can click on these labels to switch between them, while the comment text is displayed at the location of the label. Also, you can simply select the desired comment from the list in the panel on the right.

The Search field located at the top of the Comments window is used to filter comments in the list quickly by keyword or partial keyword.

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