Adding Tasks Using Drag-And-Drop
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External task insert means inserting something like files or text strings from the clipboard to the Navigator window. New tasks are created, depending on objects inserted.

To insert external objects from the clipboard select the objects and copy them to the clipboard. As a rule it is done by the Copy Ctrl+C button or menu command in the application you select objects in. Then switch to the Navigator window, find suitable location for new tasks in the task tree and click the Paste button in the task toolbar (keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V).

The same command is also presented in the context menu.

Drag-and-drop is defined by your OS. Select objects, drag them into the Cerebro navigator window and drop into desired task tree location.

Insert tasks from text

In the case of text insertion one or more tasks will be created in the Cerebro system depending on line breaks in text.

The text must be in the CSV format to insert several tasks, it means that it contains a list of new task names separated by a line break. For example you can copy to clipboard one column from the Excel spreadsheet and paste it in the Navigator window. After that Cerebro will prompt you to create new tasks named corresponding to the pasted text. In this way you can insert new tasks from other text documents such as Word, txt-files or a web page.

If you insert text without line breaks only one task will be created containing all that text.

Inserting tasks with files

After pasting several files Cerebro will prompt you to create new tasks for each file. The window that pops up on multiple files insertion is described in the “Task multi-edit window” section.

If you insert only one file, a single task containing it will be created.

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