This toolbar duplicates the main menu commands Tools/Wizards for calling helpers for creating various objects in the system. You can change the position of the panel by moving it around the main window. You can hide / show the panel via the main menu, the View tab .

It contains following buttons:

  • New project - create a new project and configure its properties;

  • New user - setting up a new user account;

  • Add users from Active Directory -connect users who already have domain accounts in the Cerebro system. Available for local installation;

  • New e-mail user - adding a special type of user accounts for which only correspondence in the selected task is available (see the section «E-mail users»);

  • New material resource - setting a new material resource;

  • New group - create user groups and add users to it;

  • New activity - create a new activity and assign it to the users;

  • New status-create a new status;

  • New tag - create a new tag, and assign it to the project;

  • New file storage - set up a new file storage system;

  • Getting started wizard – calling the assistant of first steps (see “Initial configuration”);

  • Administrator - open the Cerebro admin panel (see “Cerebro Administrator Panel”).

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