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After logging into Cerebro you can always change the settings for your account. Click Cerebro / My Profile… item in the main menu.

A window pops up, in which you can see parameters assigned to your account when it was created (see section “Universe and account creation”). Using this window you can also delete the user from one or more universes (Delete from the universe… button) or change your password Change Password… button).

Personal user data, such as e-mail, phone, ICQ/Skype is hidden from all users except universe administrators by default (as administrators have User Management permission). For the colleagues to see this data, the user must check “Open personal information for colleagues”.

! Note

If you open up your personal data for your colleagues, it will be available only to people who can see you according to visibility settings (see “Who sees who”).

Profile Settings window allows you to configure alerts for various events (e-mail notification settings). You can configure notification delivery interval for automatic e-mail notifications and lifetime of followed tasks (see section “Personal task lists”).

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