Registration and Creation New Universe
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Everything related to project management is done within the so-called universe. Therefore, before starting to work in Cerebro you need to register your own universe.

To do this you need to register on our site (it will also create the Administrator account for Cerebro).

There is a shortcut for Registration page in Cerebro Login window Advanced > Create New Universe.

It will open the following page:

You need to fill out this form to make an account both in Cerebro system and on our site. Pay special attention to your e-mail - it will be extensively used in the future to send you notifications from the system (including password recovery).

You should also pay attention to the language for your notifications (this setting can be changed later).

After successful creation of a new universe you will be sent an email to the address you specified during registration, containing your account information (username and password) that you can use to log in to the Cerebro login box.

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