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Universe is a virtual space in the Cerebro system, which has projects, tasks, users and groups within it (assuming that each company has its own universe). The Cerebro database supports the several isolated universes and the user from one universe does not see the contents of another (if it has not been added to another universe in a special way).


Task basic structural unit, describing what needs to be done within it. Each task has attributes such as planned/elapsed time, the list of performers, etc. In addition to this, tasks are organized in a hierarchical structure, i.e., top-level tasks (projects) contain subtasks, which in turn contain sub-tasks of lower levels. Also, each and every task in this structure has a message board (forum) attached to it.


Forum message board which contains posts of different types (definition, executive report, review, simple note, client review) that system users make as they work on tasks.


Activity a separate type of work to be done, such as modeling, composing, programming. Can be both an attribute of any task as well as attribute of an individual user of the system.


Thumbnail resized preview of a graphic object stored in the system (such as a video or picture).

File storage

File storage this document (and Cerebro in general) defines it as a 24/7 working server with a Cargador service running on it. Usually file storage is situated within corporate LAN and is configured to receive/send files to outside storages.

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