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Advantages of Cerebro Software
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Using Cerebro software package it is easy to manage projects in any media sphere. Availability of some important functional aspects for media projects distinguishes Cerebro from all other project management systems.


To make it convenient to work on various devices, the Cerebro software is available in the following versions:

  • desktop an application for Windows, MacOS or Linux, which does not require complex configuration and can be launched even from a flash drive. It gets automatically upgraded to a new version. To integrate our solutions into different types of companies, the appearance of the system user interface can be altered significantly;

  • the web version is a modular application that works very well through an Internet browser and does not require installation on your computer. It includes the basic functions of the system and has a beautiful and modern interface;

  • a mobile application for Android or iOS, designed to work on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. It includes the most popular system features.


A wide range of features allows you to:

  • plan and manage projects online, creating tasks for both simple and complex

    multi-level projects, determining a list of participants with consideration of their workload, setting relationships between tasks/projects, managing deadlines, and tracking the implementation process;

  • use the system as a single space to work on a project as a team, using built-in connectors for integration with popular graphic software products.

Convenient and secure file transfer

For file transfer between the project's executors and clients, as well as file storage and search, we offer a tool that we have developed ourselves; it is the Cargador service, which has the following features:

  • caching files on a local resource;

  • viewing files more than once without downloading them;

  • quick search among millions of files;

  • general monitoring of file transfer queues for the entire company.

Built-in media viewer

Cerebro includes Mirada module, which is responsible for displaying media content, as well as creating audiovisual reviews. In this module you can add text comments and drawings over the original image as well as record audio comments, mouse cursor movement, and the process of turning frames or pages.

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