Calendar - a tool for the planning of small duration task (within one working day or a few days).

Calendar works in conjunction with a panel of designated tasks (see section “To Do list”). In this panel, select one or more users (button to switch the view of their tasks and tasks of other users is above the task list on the left.) In the calendar, you can see its (their) tasks on the selected week (day, two weeks).

You can navigate within the calendar area using the scroll bars, or by dragging the contents of a window while holding the middle mouse button. To increase/decrease the horizontal scale use the mouse wheel while holding the Shift button. Similarly, while holding the Ctrl key, you can change the vertical scale of the drawing area.

Creating tasks

To create a new task in the right place of the project, you need to specify the top-level task. You have to go at it in the browser and press the Choose current button at the top of the Calendar window. The list of recent parent tasks is saved from session to session. This way, you can immediately fill this list, and then select the item you want as a parent for new tasks.

You can create a task by drawing a rectangle with left mouse button inside of the calendar. A user chosen by default will automatically be assigned to the created task.

If you need to create a task that lasts longer than one day, or “night”, draw a horizontal rectangle at the top of the calendar (above the “0:00 ” numbers).

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