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Instructions for creating auth keys in storage services (Yandex, Google etc)
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To get the Yandex Disk key

1. Create your app using the link

2. Fill in the data and click Create app:

Redirect URI

Data access



3. Go to the created app in My App tab and copy the ClientID

4. Go to, use the ClientID of the created app. After clicking on the link, a page with the required token will open

5. The received token must be indicated in the Tentaculo settings

To get the Google Drive key

1. Go to the developer portal:

2. Create a project

3. Select the created project via Select

4. Search for Google Drive API and enable it

5. Go to the Credentials tab and create a service account

6. Enter your account name and set editor rights

7. Create a JSON key in the Keys tab

8. Move the resulting JSON to a convenient place and indicate the path in the Tentaculo settings

9. Create a folder on the disc where the files will be stored and grant editor rights to the created service account

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