How to Use References in Cerebro
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Cerebro has different ways to use links:

File link

  • Right-click on a file - Copy the http link to file.

Allows a user to copy the link and send it to a colleague via email. The selected file will be opened without Cerebro. This feature is convenient to work with clients who do not have an account in Cerebro yet;

  • Right-click on a file - Copy file path.

Copies the saved file path to the user’s computer in text form.

Task reference

  • Right-click on a file, message or task - Copy url.

Allows a user to copy the link and send it to a colleague via email or messenger. The colleague will open the file in the web version or Cerebro desktop application.

  • Right-click on a task - Copy task as reference (Ctrl+Shift+C) - Special paste- Copy as reference.

All properties and forum links are taken from the original task. This means that when you change/add a message to a reference or change a property, the original task is actually modified. The exception is the reference name, which may differ from the original task name.

  • Right-click on a task - Cut task and leave reference (Ctrl+Shift+X) - Special insert - Move and leave reference.

Moving tasks with the ability to leave a link, that is, the tasks themselves will be transferred and in the previous place there will be links to them.

The transition to the original link task is done by double-clicking the link with the left mouse button, or by pressing the key combination on the keyboard, Ctrl+G.


  • Task links are displayed in Navigator only. They are not included to any diagrams and statistic tools;

  • Links do not affect the tasks they are inserted into, that is, do not change their duration, scheduled time and any other parameters;

  • Task references cannot be linked to each other or to other tasks;

  • It is possible to link to a task with subtasks, but to see its subtasks you need to switch to the original task.

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