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There are two chat types – private chats and public chats sorted by task or My Space page. Their command menus are different.

To run a command, just write it in the chat. All commands start with the / symbol.

You can see the current list of commands in the messenger app by running the /help command in the chat.

Commands in private chats

The connection between the Cerebro account and the messenger chat is managed in a private chat with a bot.

Universal commands for all messenger chats:

/help — display all commands;

/about — information about the bot, its purpose, what it can do;

/lang — select the language;

/code — request a code to confirm the linking between the Cerebro account and the messenger chat;

/delete — unlink a Cerebro account.

Additional command for Discord:

/login — connect your Cerebro account to Discord.

Task and My Space Chat Commands

Executing commands in a chat for one task and in multiple-task chats, as well as My Space tasks, is different in how they are run.

Single Task Chat Commands

In chats where only one Cerebro task is linked, all commands can be run by simply typing them. Since there is only one task, the bot will understand which task it should apply the command to.

Multiple Task Chat Commands

In chats with many linked tasks, or where a multiple-task page is connected – i.e. multi-chats – commands should be run by clicking 'Reply' to messages from Cerebro. Only in this case, the bot will understand which task it should apply them to.

For Discord app, the list of commands is also duplicated in the message menu – see Apps section.

When you run commands in a multi-chat without using 'Reply', the bot will suggest to select a task from the already existing tasks in the chat, or find any task by entering its name or path.

The search is performed with a non-strict start and end, and spaces mean any characters between words that separate them.

For example, you have a task MyProject/Product/Episodes/Ep_01/Sc_20

You can find it by writing: project 1 20

Universal commands for all messenger chats:

/help — display all commands;

/about — information about the bot, why you need it, what it can do. What tasks and pages the chat is linked to;

/list — show a list of tasks and pages linked to the chat;

/taskinfo — get information about the task: project, performers, deadline, hashtags. Buttons for the main actions on the task - view the task, send a message, report, change the status;

/send — send a message to Cerebro. If you execute a command using "Reply" to a message, then we will send it. If you simply run a command, we will suggest to write a new message;

/status — change task status;

/report — write a report;

/reportupload — write a report with large files exceeding 20 MB;

/upload — upload large files exceeding 20 MB to a task;

/up — request updates on the tasks that the chat is linked to. Active chats are updated every minute. If you haven't received updates from Cerebro for a long time, use this command;

/lang — language selection;

Additional commands for Discord:

/add — connect a Cerebro task or page to the chat.

Go to the Cerebro app and copy the link to the task or page you want to link the chat to. Go back to Discord and execute the /add command in the desired chat, then paste the link. After linking, a confirmation message will appear in the chat;

/remove — remove all links to Cerebro tasks and pages in this chat. If you want to remove all task updates from the chat, use this command.

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