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The selection of criteria allows you to set the conditions for selecting data for forming views in the My Space section. The list of criteria is divided into the following classes:

  • General the main parameters of dashboards;

  • By Task list of available task attributes;

  • By task tags list of created tags;

  • By messages list of attributes for messages;

  • By attachments a list of attributes for the attached files.


  • Hashtags determine the list of hashtags involved in the formation of the sample;

  • Projects determine the list of projects, based on the data of which the sample should be formed.

By tasks

  • Allocated users;

  • Last level task;

  • Last task message is visible to clients;

  • Last task report approved;

  • Subscribed users;

  • Task activity;

  • Task approved hours (resorces);

  • Task approved hours (users);

  • Task as event;

  • Task budget;

  • Task budget expences;

  • Task cost overdraft;

  • Task created by;

  • Task creation time;

  • Task deadline;

  • Task declared hours (resorces);

  • Task declared hours (users);

  • Task hours overdraft;

  • Task is archived;

  • Task is deleted ;

  • Task level the level of grouping tasks according to the project structure;

  • Task modification time;

  • Task modified by;

  • Task name;

  • Task path;

  • Task planed hours;

  • Task priority;

  • Task progress;

  • Task start;

  • Task status;

  • Task status type;

  • Task without allocated users;

  • Task without status;

  • Type of the latest task message.


You need to create a list of completed animation tasks. For this purpose, you must:

  1. Add selection criteria:

    • Task status;

    • Type of task activity.

  2. Set the values accordingly:

    • completed;

    • animation.

As a result, a table is formed, which displays a list of tasks according to the specified criteria.

By task tags

  • Tag without value;

  • List of task tags created by users of the universe.

By messages

  • Last time message with files;

  • Message authore;

  • Message creation time;

  • Message is deleted;

  • Message likes;

  • Message modification time;

  • Message text;

  • Message type;

  • Message visible to clients;

  • Message with status;

  • Report approved hours;

  • Report declared hours;

  • Report rating.

By attachments

  • Attachment creation time;

  • Attachment file size;

  • Attachment info;

  • Attachment is deleted;

  • Attachment name;

  • Attachment type;

  • Attachment with review.


You need to find all the attachments uploaded today. For this purpose, you must:

  1. Add selection criteria: Time when the attachment was created.

  2. Set the value of the criterion: for the last 1 day.

As a result, a table will be formed, which displays a list of tasks in which the last file was uploaded today.

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