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You can choose your preferable payment method - either by card or by issuing an invoice.

If you chose to pay with card you can choose either one-time payment in advance, or a recurring payment which will automatically prolong your licenses at 1, 3, 6 or 12 month intervals. If you need to cancel recurring payments, you can do it in this window. After cancelling your subscription automatic charges for license payment will stop.


If you want to set up a recurring payment, you should make sure that you entered a desired amount of licenses which will be bought with specified interval.

In “Discount coupon” field you can enter a coupon code, if you have one, to get a discount which will be specified in “Discount” field.

A Stripe payment system is used to safely process your payment. We don’t store information about your credit card.

If you chose to pay by invoice, you should specify your payment details and contact information for a person who is responsible for handling invoices (usually an accountant).

Also, if you pay by requesting an invoice, you immediately get temporary licenses for 2 weeks right after issuing an invoice, so you would be able to work before your accountant issues a payment.

You will get notification to your email with Bill ang Act. Also, you can download Bill and Act from Billing page.

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