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Tentaculo plugin enables you to integrate Cerebro with a wide range of software applications, such as Maya, Nuke, Autocad, and others (see A list of supported programs). Integration will allow you to work on tasks and publish the results directly from your workspace.

Integration injects a part of Cerebro's interface into the supported applications where a user can start working on a task and publish the results when finished.

The main advantages of using integration for project teams is:

  • opportunity to work with files and their versions directly in the software without going to the file management system or having to worry about file paths or names when saving;

  • opportunity to bypass Cerebro since integration makes it possible to start working on tasks or with materials and create reports directly in the software used for the project.

All this will allow your team to spend less time on non-essential operations and focus on performing the tasks they receive.

Integration setup

Install the Tentaculo plugin and set up the configuration. After that the users in your Universe will be able to integrate Cerebro with the software they use.

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