Cerebro plugins are developed in Python. You'll need knowledge of this programming language.

Cerebro API is divided into two components:

  1. Server API: https://cerebrohq.com/docs/ru/sapi.html

It uses the "pycerebro" package, which includes modules for working with the database, file storage, a module describing data tuples and byte flags, and a module dedicated to utility functions. 

   2. Client API: https://cerebrohq.com/docs/ru/capi.html

The program interface makes it possible to expand the functionality of the client application using additional Python modules.

Handling of the Cerebro client events is supported, as well as embedding user menus, app log-in and log-out event handling. User interface based on the package PyQt is also supported.

Cerebro has a built-in plugin development interface that allows debugging plugins locally, on the developer's device. There is also a built-in plugin distribution system that makes it possible to automatically install the plugin for all users of your Universe.

You can find the pycerebro package and plugin examples on GitHub: https://github.com/cerebrohq/cerebro-plugins

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