Malosol Plugin Location
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Malosol database plugin performs specialized tasks for licensing, configuring effective access rights for users and calculating parameters of linked tasks in Cerebro.

It is usually installed during Cerebro client installation.

In the case of already installed Cerebro system you can follow these steps to determine the location of Malosol file:

  • Determine the PostgreSQL launch command (see “Database file structure location”).

  • From the launch command determine PostgreSQL installation directory - it is the parent directory to bin folder, from which PostgreSQL executable file is launched.

  • Go to the lib folder within the PostgreSQL installation directory (for example, in Linux it can be /usr/lib/postgresql/9.0/lib).

  • If there is a libmalosol symbolic link in the lib directory, then by resolving it you will find out the location of your Malosol file.

  • In other case (if there’s no libalosol link in lib folder) Malosol location should be specified in the script, created during the installation (see installation Cerebro manual), in the MALOSOL variable.

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