Is the Update Safe?
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Section “Memoria database update” contains information that you will need only in case of local Cerebro installation (see section “Local system”).

Update utility performs all actions on a new separate database (after all the data from the current database is copied to the new one). At the final stage of the upgrade, current database is renamed and saved without any modifications. When all operations are completed successfully, new database will replace the existing one as your work database.

After making sure your new database works fine, you can remove old version of database, or, in case something happens, you can cancel all updates and continue working with previous configuration by renaming the old database.


Anyway, it is still recommended to have a backup plan for your databases.

Cerebro’s centralized database system is called Memoria. It functions using PostgreSQL DBMS. Memoria consists of several related tables that are accessed by pre-defined procedures stored on the server. Also Memoria has an auxiliary plug-in for PostgreSQL in order to calculate Gantt charts, manage access rights and solve licensing problems - malosol.dll/so.

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