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Installation Malosol Plugin
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Malosol, a DB plugin, handles special functions of licensing, actual user permission calculations and interconnected task parameters’ calculations.

The plugin is delivered as libmalosol dynamic library, within the service-tools pack (available in Download/Server components section on

Malosol is installed by unpacking libmalosol executable file (according to DB server OS) to a particular folder (for example, for Linux it might be /cerebro/malosol/

Then, in order to connect it to the database, it is necessary to specify path to its executable file in the MALOSOL variable in the script. This should be done during database deployment (see “Deploying Memoria”). Default value of this variable is $libdir/, where $libdir means the path to the PostgreSQL libraries folder (for example, in Linux it is /usr/local/pgsql/lib).


You may use a symlink instead of renaming and moving the Malosol library file to $libdir.

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