Launching and Configuring a Database Server
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The following command is used to launch a PostgreSQL server, regardless of the OS:

postgres –D <path to DB>

An actual command will be different from this one, mainly, in the -D parameter, which must contain the actual path to DB file structure. In this structure top level directory contains the PostgreSQL configuration files. Two following files should be edited to configure Memoria:

  • postgresql.conf – the main configuration file;

  • pg_hba.conf – connection security policy settings.

The following parameter should be set in postgresql.conf:

listen_addresses = '*' # listen all addresses

Also usrvar class name must be added to the custom_variable_classes parameter in the CUSTOMIZED OPTIONS section (in the end of the file):


custom_variable_classes = 'usrvar'

A line like this is by default in pg_hba.conf:

Host   all   all  ident

It’s up to you whether to delete it or to leave for administrative purposes. Also, you should add there a line like this:

Host   all   all    md5

, i.e., allow connections from any addresses using MD5 authentification (see “PostgreSQL authentication”).

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