External Access to the File Storage
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In order to provide external access for uploading/downloading files from your local storage, you need to make Cargador accessible from the Internet via TCP ports 45431 and 4080.

As a rule, local networks are located within a private IP address range and contact the Internet via a router with NAT running on it.

If you have this type of network structure you have to set up port forwarding on your router from 45431 and 4080 external ports to your Cargador server within your LAN.

In hardware routers this function is usually called VirtualServer. If linux-box is used as a router, you can get it using these commands (they must be added to rc-scripts):

iptables -A PREROUTING -t 45431 --dport 45431 -j DNAT --to-destination <SERVER IP>:1234


redir --lport=45431 --cport=45431 --caddr=<SERVER IP>


Make sure that the external connection to Cargador is not blocked by a firewall on your server or on a router.

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