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File Structure Setup
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The default file catalog structure that Cargador creates on your file storage is following:

{Project name}/{upload date}/{filename}

You can change the structure so that it represents a task tree of a corresponding Cerebro project. Cargador service supports up to 10 levels of folders and subfolders.

Use cargador.<linux|mac|win>.conf configuration file to set the format of the tree:


The format of income_url_format is set by variables, which are folder names separated by a slash ‘/’.

The variables of income_url_format can have the following states:

  • $(url[0]), $(url[1]) … $(url[9]) — nesting level. Maximum level - 10.$(url[0]) corresponds to a project name in Cerebro, $(url[1]) corresponds to a task name of the project, $(url[2]) — to its subtask, etc.

An example of setting a 3-level catalog tree:

  • $(date) — upload date folder;

  • $(date_utc) — upload date folder (in UTC format).

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