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Client Сertificates of Your Own
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You can use your own client certificates to access the database: unsigned or not signed by us.

If you insist that your employees and partners must use your certificates, you should provide them with files client[.pg].crt, client[.pg].key and ca.crt. The files must be in PEM format. For reference, you can look at the files provided by us by default. They are located in <Path to Cerebro>/etc folder.

By default, Cerebro looks up user's folder ($HOME/%APPDATA%)/cerebro for certificate files at first, and then - in <Path to Cerebro>/etc.


Any of these folders should contain only one set of files.

If users have no need to connect to more than one Cerebro database, they may put the certificate files into one of these directories. Otherwise, they need to have a separate folder for each certificate to avoid their accidental overwriting by some other files. Click the Connection settings on the Cerebro client application login screen to specify the folder with the corresponding certificate.

To set up a certificate directory you need to click the Connection settings link at Cerebro login screen. In the opened window you can use the plus button to add another connection preset. In the Database section you should activate this server requires a secure connection (SSL) checkbox and then set a directory to look for certificate files.

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