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If you use one Cargador instance for both file management and emailing, then the DB_HOST, DB_PORT, DB_SCHEMA, CARGADOR_HOST, CARGADOR_RPC_PORT parameters in the script must have been already set while configuring the file storage. Otherwise, follow the “Deleting Files From Storage” chapter to configure them.

The script parameters for receiving/sending procedures are described below:


MAIL_FROM  = "Cerebro <>"

#debug options
DEBUG = False;              # May used for debug


OPTS = {
    'db_connection_addr' : EXTERNAL_DB_ADDR

    , 'smtp_port' : 25    # defaults 25 for simple and 465 for SSL. Use 587 for Exchange
    , 'smtp_tls' : False  # Needed for Google SMTP

    # replier options: DO NOT forget enable 'Allow reply..' in Adminstartion/Universe window
    , 'replier_from_addr' : 'Cerebro reply <>'
    , 'replier_pop_addr'  : ''
    , 'replier_pop_ssl'   : True
    , 'replier_pop_login' : ''
    , 'replier_pop_psswd' : ''
    # do not change 'replier_downloader_url' unless you sure
    , 'replier_downloader_url' : '' + EXTERNAL_DB_ADDR.partition(':')[0] + '&db_port=' + EXTERNAL_DB_ADDR.partition(':')[2] + '&'
    , 'replier_separator' : ''

Parameter Values:

  • CARGADOR_HTPP_PORT — network port (default 4080), used to connect to Cargador on HTTP protocol (e.g., on attempt to download a file linked to an email notification);

  • MAIL_FROM — an email account (default - “Cerebro <>”), on behalf of which Cerebro sends email notifications;

  • MAIL_SMTP — IP address or DNS name of the SMTP server used to send messages;

  • MAIL_ADMIN — System Administrator’s e-mail address (used for service messages);

  • MAIL_USE_SSL — “Use SSL on authorization” attribute (default - False);

  • MAIL_LOGIN — account name for authorization on the mail server;

  • MAIL_PSSWD — password for authorization on the mail server;

  • DEBUG — “Display debugging info” attribute (default - False);

  • EXTERNAL_DB_ADDR — Cerebro database address for external access, format - <host>:<port> (default - ‘’).


You may use either your corporate email server or Internet email services for mailing purposes, but take into consideration that free email services might have some “anti-spam” restrictions, which may affect the amount/frequency of the messages sent by Cerebro.

The OPTS section contains a list of additional parameters which control the way server modules work. Parameter groups are described below.

The db_connection_addr parameter contains the database connection address (by default it is equal to EXTERNAL_DB_ADDR).

The other two parameters are used for “fine tuning” of the mailing server:

  • smtp_port — network port (default - 25) for server connection;

  • smtp_tls — “Use TLS” attribute (default - False).

Another group of settings is responsible for configuring handling of incoming messages:

  • replier_from_addr — “Reply To” address for the incoming messages;

  • replier_pop_addr — address of the POP server for the incoming messages;

  • replier_pop_ssl — “Use SSL to connect to POP server” attribute (default - True);

  • replier_pop_login — username to connect to the POP server;

  • replier_pop_psswd — password to connect to the POP server;

  • replier_downloader_url is a prefix that forms the beginning of download links in Cerebro email notifications.


The settings of incoming email handling described above take effect only after Allow to respond from E-mail attribute is enabled in the Administrator panel (see chapter: “Cerebro Administrator Panel”).

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