If you use one Cargador instance for both file management and emailing, then the DB_HOST, DB_PORT, DB_SCHEMA, CARGADOR_HOST, CARGADOR_RPC_PORT parameters in the cron_conf.py script must have been already set while configuring the file storage. Otherwise, follow the “Deleting Files From Storage” chapter to configure them.

The script parameters for receiving/sending procedures are described below:


MAIL_FROM  = "Cerebro <noreply@cerebrohq.com>"

#debug options
DEBUG = False;              # May used for debug

EXTERNAL_DB_ADDR = 'cerebrohq.com:45432'

OPTS = {
    'db_connection_addr' : EXTERNAL_DB_ADDR

    , 'smtp_port' : 25    # defaults 25 for simple and 465 for SSL. Use 587 for Exchange
    , 'smtp_tls' : False  # Needed for Google SMTP

    # replier options: DO NOT forget enable 'Allow reply..' in Adminstartion/Universe window
    , 'replier_from_addr' : 'Cerebro reply <reply@your-domain.com>'
    , 'replier_pop_addr'  : ''
    , 'replier_pop_ssl'   : True
    , 'replier_pop_login' : ''
    , 'replier_pop_psswd' : ''
    # do not change 'replier_downloader_url' unless you sure
    , 'replier_downloader_url' : 'https://cerebrohq.com/download.php?db_host=' + EXTERNAL_DB_ADDR.partition(':')[0] + '&db_port=' + EXTERNAL_DB_ADDR.partition(':')[2] + '&'
    , 'replier_separator' : ''

Parameter Values:

  • CARGADOR_HTPP_PORT – network port (default 4080), used to connect to Cargador on HTTP protocol (e.g., on attempt to download a file linked to an email notification);

  • MAIL_FROM – an email account (default - “Cerebro <noreply@cerebrohq.com>”), on behalf of which Cerebro sends email notifications;

  • MAIL_SMTP – IP address or DNS name of the SMTP server used to send messages;

  • MAIL_ADMIN – System Administrator’s e-mail address (used for service messages);

  • MAIL_USE_SSL – “Use SSL on authorization” attribute (default - False);

  • MAIL_LOGIN – account name for authorization on the mail server;

  • MAIL_PSSWD – password for authorization on the mail server;

  • DEBUG – “Display debugging info” attribute (default - False);

  • EXTERNAL_DB_ADDR – Cerebro database address for external access, format - <host>:<port> (default - ‘cerebrohq.com:45432’).


You may use either your corporate email server or Internet email services for mailing purposes, but take into consideration that free email services might have some “anti-spam” restrictions, which may affect the amount/frequency of the messages sent by Cerebro.

The OPTS section contains a list of additional parameters which control the way server modules work. Parameter groups are described below.

The db_connection_addr parameter contains the database connection address (by default it is equal to EXTERNAL_DB_ADDR).

The other two parameters are used for “fine tuning” of the mailing server:

  • smtp_port – network port (default - 25) for server connection;

  • smtp_tls – “Use TLS” attribute (default - False).

Another group of settings is responsible for configuring handling of incoming messages:

  • replier_from_addr – “Reply To” address for the incoming messages;

  • replier_pop_addr – address of the POP server for the incoming messages;

  • replier_pop_ssl – “Use SSL to connect to POP server” attribute (default - True);

  • replier_pop_login – username to connect to the POP server;

  • replier_pop_psswd – password to connect to the POP server;

  • replier_downloader_url – is a prefix that forms the beginning of download links in Cerebro email notifications.


The settings of incoming email handling described above take effect only after Allow to respond from E-mail attribute is enabled in the Administrator panel (see chapter: “Cerebro Administrator Panel”).

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