If your target server does not have access to the Internet, you need to pre-download the installation packages and save them in the Downloads directory. If an Internet connection is available, then no additional actions are required.

The following installation packages are required:

  • cerebro-all-in-one.zip is the Cerebro client for all operating systems (https://cerebrohq. com/distribs/cerebro-all-in-one.zip)

  • PostgreSQL 9.3 is the PostgreSQL. database. Please select an installation package for your operating system (ftp://cerebrohq.com/cerebro.distrib/postgres/)

  • For Windows only: Visual C++ for Visual Studio 2013 installation packages. Please select an installation package for your operating system (ftp://cerebrohq.com/cerebro. distrib/vcredist/)

Connect to FTP using the following account:

  • Username: files

  • Password: cerber

If you want to save files on a third-party server (for example, a network storage or a file server), you need to create a directory in the file storage and share it using the tools of the OS on your server before running the installer. You should grant the read-only access to this directory to all users on your network. In addition, in this case, you must run the service on behalf of a user who has write permissions for this directory. Create such a user or use an existing one. The installer will ask you to specify the Username and Password for this user.

The Factory installation option has the following features:

  • If you want to perform an update, you need to disconnect all active Cerebro users from the database beforehand using your OS or PostgreSQL. You cannot update a database with active users connected to it.

  • An update is only possible for PostgreSQL 9.3. If you need to update from an older version of PostgreSQL, you need to do this manually or contact technical support.

  • To make the database accessible from outside your local network, you will need an external static IP address. The installer will ask you to specify an external IP address during the installation. Also, you will need to perform TCP port forwarding on your router or proxy server (see the “After Installation” section).

  • Your own mailbox will be used to send notifications. You need to create a mailbox for Cerebro newsletters (for example, cerebro@yourcompany.ru). During installation, the installer will request the following data: SMTP URL, SMTP port, POP URL, Username and Password, user email, and administrator email for sending error messages.

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