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At the main page of your User Account you can see your pricing plan, amount of available licenses (for both desktop and e-mail users, more on e-mail users see “E-mail and Cerebro”).

A form for purchasing additional licenses is located below. You should input your desired total amount of licenses into “Required licenses” field. You should use “Till” field to specify end date for licenses you are planning to buy at the present moment.

For example, you have 15 licenses available for one year, and you are planning to buy 2 additional licenses for the duration of two months. For that you need to input “17” into “Required licenses” field and in “Till” field you should input date two months forward from current date.


Since while buying licenses you are specifying the amount you will be having on a specified date, be attentive, because your licenses that expire before ones you are going to buy will be extended to the date you specified.

Example: You currently have 15 licenses which will expire in 4 months, and you are planning to buy 2 additional licenses for 12 months. If you enter “17” in Required Licenses field, you will be credited for 2 licenses for a year and for your existing licenses which will be extended for (12 - 4) = 8 months.

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