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Forum Messages via Email
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The Cerebro system uses email technology not only to send notifications to users but also to receive response emails from them. This function can be used if the user has received an email notification from Cerebro in a special format that implies a response directly via email.

Notifications are sent to users in two cases:

  • when assigned to a task as a performer;

  • when a new message appears in the task to which it is subscribed.

To publish a response in Cerebro, you just need to click the Reply or Reply to all button in the mail client, write a response, and send an email. Publishing a response in Cerebro is no different from the usual response to emails from ‘live’ people, except for two nuances:

  • to correctly recognize messages, you must save the original subject of the message when forwarding (or rather, not the entire subject but a special ID contained in it);

  • write the response text above the special limit line. It doesn't make sense to write anything under this line because this part is cut out when publishing in Cerebro.

The email notification contains a copy of the text message from the Cerebro forum thread. However, it is not possible to view a file from Cerebro through an email account, as the link leads to the application and email accounts do not have access to log into it.

The files attached to the message are not sent by mail as attachments but are issued as download links. If you attach a file to a response message, pay attention to its size: many mail servers and clients have restrictions on the size of the attachment. If you exceed this limit, the email will not be delivered, and you will receive an error notification.

The response email is automatically published back to Cerebro in the corresponding forum thread, along with the attached files (if they were added during the response).

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