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Cerebro can send out e-mail notifications in the following cases:

  • A new “universe” registration. You will be emailed with brief start up instructions and administrator’s login and password.

  • A new user registration. The new user is emailed with his/her Cerebro login credentials. A similar message is sent out on a user’s request to reset the password.

  • Cerebro notifies administrators of the universe about upcoming changes in the number of paid licenses and due dates of payments.

  • If a user already has a Cerebro account in some other “universe”, he/she can be invited to your “universe” (see ch. “Users and resources”). The user being invited is emailed with an invitation and an instruction on how to accept it.

  • If a user is allocated to a task as an assignee, he/she is emailed with the task definition text and links to downloadable files (if any).

  • If a user is following a task (see ch. “Inbox list”), he/she is emailed with every new Forum message, containing text and links to downloadable content.

The last two notification types (a new task assignment and a new message in Forum) are used in case someone needs to reply via email, i.e., to type some text, attach files and send the message directly to Cerebro Forum (see ch. “Forum Messages Via Email”).


A user can adjust the personal e-mail notification parameters on the Cerebro Profile page (see ch. “User profile”).

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