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Cerebro can display statistics on the project performance, as well as export it to a spreadsheet. Click Tools Project Statistics … in the main menu to run this procedure, and the following screen will appear:

Here you can select the desired project from the list and configure parameters of the data range to be displayed (time interval, the level of detail).

Elements of the toolbar are similar to those used in the Navigator, including the Export button which enables export of the current contents of the statistics window (including thumbnails of the mediafiles) into a spreadsheet.

Some statistics values are dynamic, i.e. depending on the time period that you selected in the top pane. These values are:

  • planned salary — preliminary wage calculations, done using planned hours, horly pay rate of assigned employee and default pay rate (in case no one is allocated on a task);

  • requested working hours;

  • confirmed working hours;

  • salary;

  • other expenses;

  • total cost — a sum of salaries and other expenses;

  • total balance calculated as the difference between the budget and the total cost;

  • cost overrun calculated by the formula.

<requested working hours> / <confirmed working hours> * 100 - <progress>.

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