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There are several ways to save and export reviews created in Mirada.

The simplest and the most commonly used way is as follows: when you close Mirada, the newly created review is automatically sent to Cerebro and becomes available to other users from your universe.

There is a status switch at the bottom of the Mirada window, which allows you to set a new status for a task in Cerebro. Note that each item in the playlist has its own status, which can be changed if this item is active. The task gets a new status after the review is posted to Cerebro.

When you confirm posting, you can use the dialog box to specify whether the forum message should contain a PDF file with comments along with the review in Mirada format (the same file is created when a review is exported to PDF please see below).

The ability to add a PDF file will be useful to those users who cannot open reviews in Mirada (possible reasons may be associated with an outdated version of the software, incompatible hardware, etc.).

You should also keep in mind that only comments for those playlist items that have changes or new comments are sent to Cerebro. At the same time, several messages in the forums can be created at once, as messages are created separately for each media file from the playlist.

In addition to sending reviews to Cerebro, you can manually save a review to a file on your device using the File/Save Lista or File/Save As… item in the main menu.

In addition, the Comments menu contains a command to export comments from an active media file to documents in the following formats:

  • PDF file containing a page-by-page list of all posted comments for the current media file along with the sketches, frame number, comment text and other information;

  • SRT file containing a list of all posted comments.

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