Stereo Image Modes
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Mirada supports graphics and video files containing stereo images.

In this case, the image in the file should consist of two horizontal frames (for the left and right eyes) and, during further processing, Mirada considers the corresponding parts of the frame as stand-alone images and combines them in a certain way to create a stereo image.

To switch to the stereo image mode, select the desired option from the drop-down list on the toolbar at the bottom of the viewer: 3D Anaglyph or 3D Vision Glasses.

The following two methods for creating stereo images are supported:

  • Anaglyph Image is a mode to create stereo images by independent color coding of the frames intended for the left eye and the right eye (this mode corresponds to the 3D Anaglyph option in the drop-down list). You will need special glasses with red-cyan color filters to view graphics and video files in this mode.

  • OpenGL Quad Buffer Mode corresponds to the 3D Vision Glasses option in the drop-down list. This mode involves the use of stereoscopic visualization technology based on shutter glasses and quick alternation of frames for the left and right eyes. This technology is supported at the hardware level by professional video cards (nVidia Quadro and other comparable video cards).

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