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The viewer allows you to zoom and pan the frame: the mouse wheel is used for zooming and the middle button or the Pan tool allow you to drag the image.

The drop-down list on the toolbar at the bottom of the viewer displays the current scale and allows you to change it.

The following controls are also available on this toolbar:

  • A button and a drop-down list for selecting a mode for comparing media files (see the “Comparing Media Files” section).

  • A drop-down list with a choice of display modes: standard, 360° video (see the “360° video” section), and stereo image (see the “Stereo Image Modes” section).

  • A button for activating and adjusting the color correction (see the “Color Correction” section).

  • A drop-down list with a choice of aspect ratios in the Cache mode (see the “Image Aspect Ratio” section).

  • A button that allows you to show/hide sketches and comment labels (see the “Creating sketches” section).

  • A button for switching to full screen mode. You can also switch to the full screen mode by pressing the F shortcut or double-clicking on the viewer window. Return to the standard mode by double-clicking or by using the F and Esc shortcuts.

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