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Cutting ‘Tails’
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Mirada uses a concept known as the ‘tails’ of videos, meaning you can delete the beginning and end to remove unnecessary frames when viewing and playing back a video file.

You can customize the ‘tails’ for each individual file in the playlist using the buttons located directly in the Lista window, these buttons are displayed next to each list item containing a video file.

The newly opened window allows you to specify the number of frames to be cut off at the beginning and end of the video. After that, the cut-off frames are not displayed when playing the media file, and they are also not available when using the frame-skip buttons, although the timeline displays the unchanged file length.

If you want to set the same parameters for cutting the tails for all playlist items at once, you can click the button on the video playback control panel to the left of the timeline. In this case, you will set the default settings for all media files in your list.

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