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Installing Plugins for Users
Installing Plugins for Users
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Cerebro system provides an option of plugins delivery to the users. After addition of a plugin by the administrator the user will be prompted to install the new plugin.

In the resulting window the user can view the Descriptions of available plugins and select those necessary for the installation.

After pressing the Install button the plugins will be downloaded and installed on the user’s computer. Installed plugins will be loaded the next time Cerebro is restarted.

To view installed plugins, use the menu entry Tools/User plugins…. To display all plugins, including those that were previously deleted, enable the Show deleted checkbox.

There you can view the Descriptions of installed plugins, disable or delete any plugin.

Press the button Disable all plugins to disable the loading of all plugins. You can also do this from the main menu by clicking Tools/Disable all plugins…


Changes made in the User plugins window will take effect only after the Cerebro client is restarted.

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