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Python Debug Toolbar
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This toolbar is designed for testing and debugging additional Python-modules (by default, this panel is hidden).

It contains following buttons:

  • Python off - disable all plugins in Cerebro;;

  • Forced Python to restart - completely resets Python and all modules without restarting the application;

  • Call the test event - generates the test event twice to check event system;

  • Python modules will be completely reloaded each time they are accessed -Automatic module reload (slows down the application);

  • Developer plugins - opens the plugin management window for development;

  • Turn on developer plugins - enabling development plugins disables all custom plugins and enables plugins that are added to the list of development plugins. Accordingly, disabling, on the contrary, disables plugins for development and enables custom plugins;

  • Console for Python output - opens the console output information from Python-modules (intended for Windows only).

The enabled development plugin is only active on the computer of the user who is debugging.

Once the plugin is ready to be uploaded to the system, it is installed as a custom plugin (see the Universes section) and becomes available to all users.

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