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Сonnection Settings
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In the Cerebro login window, the Connection settings control element and the drop-down menu associated with it are responsible for configuring various network connection parameters used in Cerebro. The option becomes available if you enable the advanced window view by clicking the Advanced button in the upper right corner.

You can choose any previously saved preset from the drop-down list, or click Connection settings directly and manually adjust needed parameters:

This window also has a dropdown list with the names of the existing presets, as well as buttons to add / remove items from the list.

Each connection set contains following settings:

  • Proxy if your company has access to the Internet through a proxy server, you will need to check Use proxy and fill in the identification information for the corresponding host;

  • Connection to Cerebro database to gain access to the data on the universe, projects, users, etc. the Cerebro client module needs to be connected to a remote database. The parameters of this connection (host, port number, and database name) are used in Database group entries;

  • File storage (Cargador) Cargador service is used to transfer files between Cerebro clients through file server (send/receive file attachments, thumbnails of media files, etc.). By default, the method for connecting the Cerebro client to Cargador is determined automatic selection, but you can manually select the option you need: locally on your computer or in a local area network.

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