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The Mirada utility is designed to view a large quantity of media formats, and allow to create reviews for mediafiles stored in Cerebro. Mirada also supports Cineon formats PDF, Cineon ®, DPX, EXR, RAW, QuickTime ® movie and a lot of graphic image formats.

To view the file just double click on an icon attached to a forum message, after it opens you can make notes using drawing / text typing tools, record your actions and voice comments to make a detailed review of this current piece of work. When you close Mirada, the review is automatically sent to the Cerebro system.

Mirada utilises OpenGL graphic library, which makes it easy to view high-resolution graphics (up to 16K). Images with deep color depth of colour are also supported, you can use color correction tools.

For more information on the Mirada utility refer to “Mirada Utility”.

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