What is Cerebro?
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Cerebro software is a set of tools used for planning and managing any kind of projects in the audiovisual field (making visual effects for movies, television, game development, advertising production, Web-design, etc.).

Cerebro provides tools for effective communication between companies and people during the process of project(s) creation, even if they are on different continents. There are three main Cerebro features that make your job easier:


You can make and track the structure of the project from beginning to end, gradually increasing the level of detail at every stage of its life cycle. Cerebro offers ways to estimate the time and cost of the work, tools to clone parts of the projects, export (with graphic content) of the structure of the project in Excel spreadsheets, and other features.


For project managers Cerebro provides means to carry out the tasking, follow on WIP and final reports of employees, perform peer reviews of the results of the work, and provides all project participants a way to exchange their views in free-form.


The system provides a means of warning about various special situations - if any processes have not gone as planned. Each employee’s report is accompanied by information on the duration (in fact – the cost) the status of the completed work. Cerebro sums up all those values allowing to control the cost  и the status of work for individual branches and the entire project. The system also stores information on the workflow of each task. In addition, it is possible to export all the data to a spreadsheet for further data processing needs.

Furthermore Cerebro provides tools for effective file-sharing with both local area network users and remote users.

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