In general, Cerebro client applications need no changes in settings, unless their default values somehow don’t suit your LAN and/or server configuration.

The main.conf file contains general settings for all Cerebro components. In practice, most important phases might be the following ones:

  • Setting up a connection between Cerebro client application and database;
  • Setting up connection settings between Cerebro and Cargador (if Cargador is installed on the server as well);
  • Configuring Internet connection via a proxy server.

Cerebro loads main.conf from the etc folder located in the same folder that contains the main executable Cerebro file (there is a sample configuration file main.conf.example). This is the only file that needs configuration if you have a centralized server-based Cerebro client application. If you have Cerebro installed on a number of workstations, you must edit the main.conf file on every workstation accordingly.

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