In order to post a reply in Cerebro Forum, you just need to press the “Reply” or “Reply All” button in the email client, then compose a message (and attach files if needed) and send it out.

So, the publication of an email message in Cerebro Forum is no different from the usual reply to email, except for the two nuances:

  • When answering, you must not change the special ID contained in the topic of the initial message, so that Cerebro could identify the corresponding Forum thread correctly. To be on the safe side, don’t change the topic at all.
  • Type your answer above the special border line. It is pointless to type anything below the line, as it will be omitted when transferred to Cerebro.

If you are attaching a file to your message, pay attention to the filesize: some mail servers limit the message size, so an oversized message won’t be delivered, and you will get an error message in return.

However, this applies not only to the Cerebro mailing, but in general to any and all e-mail messages.

As for the initial messages posted directly to Cerebro Forum, the size of the files attached doesn’t matter, as the files themselves are never forwarded to email, being substituted by downloadable links instead.

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