In addition to user notification, Cerebro uses email to get replies from registered email accounts and post them in corresponding Forum threads. This option is used if user gets a specially formatted message that is used to reply via e-mail.

Those notifications are sent out to users in two cases: on allocating the user to a task as assignee or on a new message posted to the Forum thread of the task where the user is assignee or follower (see ch. “Inbox list”). The notification body contains a text quotation of an original Forum message and links to downloadable files (if the files were attached to the original Forum message). The files attached to the Forum are never directly attached to email messages, as their size often exceeds mailbox capacity, but are downloadabke via links inside e-mail.

The message, in most cases, looks like this:

This message comes on behalf of Cerebro to the user’s email specified in the user profile, and the answer to it is automatically posted back to the the corresponding Cerebro forum thread, along with attachments (if they were added to the email message).

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