Comments in Mirada are created not anonymously, but on behalf of your Cerebro account. In addition, a response feed can be created for each comment to aggregate messages posted by various users.

In other words, any user can respond to the comments of other users, but only in the form of a text message without sketches from the original comments.

Please note that after creating a new comment or a response in an existing conversation, the corresponding comment is considered unread for any other user except the author of the new comment or response.

Unread comments have blue labels in the list. You can mark a comment as read by selecting it in the list or in any other way. There is also a command for quickly marking all comments as read (click the button in the upper right corner of the comments panel).

To add a new response for a comment, click the Response button at the bottom of the comment block and enter the message text.

You can reply to any comment in the list, and the maximum number of responses is unlimited.

Comments and responses can be deleted with the following restriction: you can delete only such a comment or response which in turn has no responses. Therefore, if you want to delete, for example, the entire comment along with responses to it, you will have to do it sequentially, starting from the very last response.


A similar restriction applies to editing comments and responses: if there is at least one response to a comment, you can not edit the text and sketches in such a comment.

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