Task Manager is a tool for performing different actions on tasks, posts and attachments conveniently - namely, navigation, copying, moving, etc. Task Manager is a twin-panel GUI application.

To launch Task Manager, use the appropriate button on main Tools panel, or appropriate item in Tools menu.

Top part of the window contains two panels, which can contain “Navigator”, “Forum”, “Task properties” or “Search”.

You can switch between panels using left mouse button, or by pressing Tab button on your keyboard. To switch between elements on one panel, use Ctrl+Tab hotkey combination.

Lower part of the window is a home to a panel of functional hotkeys.

By pressing any of those buttons or any corresponding F1-F10 keys, you can activate following functions:

F1 - Help

F2 - Task Manager Panel sync. Opposite panel gets the current task from your active panel.

F3 - Forum

F4 - Task Properties

F5 - Copying Tasks and Posts

F6 - Moving Tasks and Posts

F7 - Creating new Tasks and Posts

F8 - Removing Tasks and Posts

F9 - Cross-panel mode. By toggling this mode, Forum and Task Properties of a selected task will be displayed in the opposite Task Manager tab.

F10 - Close Task Manager

Pressing those buttons with Ctrl or Shift modkeys allows you to perform additional actions:

Ctrl+F5 - Copy a link

Ctrl+F6 - Move, leaving a link behind

Ctrl+F7 - Search

Shift+F5 - Special copying

You can perform Copy, Move and Remove actions on several items at once. In Navigator or Search window you can hold Ctrl or Shift modkeys to select either a range of elements, or several different elements at once. On the Forum, use checkboxes on the top left side of the message to select several forum posts.

Under Functional Hotkeys panel there are Back and Forward buttons, and a Navigation bar.

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